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From local history and architecture, to the unique cultures and character of your chosen destination, The Big Foody Food Tours brings your destination to life through your senses, spilling local food & drink secrets and exposing hidden culinary gems.

We believe that a food tour should showcase the very best of a city and region through your tastebuds. Not only will your tastebuds be treated, our local guides will introduce you to the producers, sharing with you their stories, knowledge and passion for the area that will leave you savouring the unforgettable taste of your trip long after you’ve left. The Big Foody was started in Auckland, New Zealand by Elle Armon-Jones in 2011. In 2016 Laura Morgan started more Big Foody fun in Portland, Oregon, another amazing food city! As The Big Foody Food Tours grow, it is the aim to connect passionate ambassadors of local cuisine to provide unique and memorable food and drink experiences around the world.

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35 Hobson St, Auckland NZ, Waimauku 0629