Rapids Jet

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Rapids Jet is a fun, safe, exhilarating experience!

Our 35 minute blast will take you up close to the Aratiatia Power Station to the base of the Aratiatia Rapids – New Zealand’s biggest and longest rapids that spill from the Aratiatia Dam daily.

Feel the adrenalin rush as we shoot through the narrowest canyon on the Waikato River. Then get ready to enjoy the real thrills, as we play in the pressure waves of the awesome Nga AwaPurua Rapids (river of springs). These are the biggest commercially jet boated rapids in New Zealand. Our impressive Chevy V8 jet boats will muscle you up and down these exhilarating white water rapids with ease. Laugh with the sheer joy of our legendary jet boat spins.

We’ll also take time to view the amazing scenery of Aratiatia Scenic Reserve’s beautiful bush, steaming hot springs and crystal clear waters. Perhaps spot a world famous Taupo Trout!

There is nowhere else to jet boat White Water Rapids.

Map & Directions

3 Nga Awa Purua Rd,, Taupo, New Zealand


Cancellation Policy

No refund allowed.