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THE Activities Centre for all visitors to Cambridge. The Centre offers a comprehensive range of tourist attractions and activities whether the stay is for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. The centre also offers a full range of accommodation options. all accommodation and activity products may be booked through the centre.

The activities Centre now offers a range of tourist products whare are unique to the Centre:
Walk Cambridge, a guided walk of beautiful and historic Cambridge
Taste Waikato, a bespoke guided tour of the range of mouthwatering taste available in the Waikato
Gardens Waikato, a bespoke tour of three unique and picturesque gardens of the Waikato.
HorsePower Cambridge, a thrilling experience including participation in a suly harness race.
Cycle Te Awa, the opportunity for a half way individual or family ride along the Te Awa Trail
e-bike Waikato, a guided experience on today's assisted power bikes through the great trails
Farm Cambridge - learn the story of the Waikato dairy farm - from pasture to the factory.

Map & Directions

79 Queen Street Cambridge, 3450

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If a cancellation is made within 24 Hours of arrival day Loss of 100% of booking.

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