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Welcome to Big Rock Adventures!

You're only a click away from joining one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

Whether you have arrived here to experience a canyoning tour as a beginner or to start your journey to becoming a professional outdoor instructor, our enthusiasm and expertise will ensure you're off to a perfect start!

Swift water rescue and canyoning are made up of many identical outdoors skill sets.

There's always hiking, sometimes very short, sometimes quite long. And we SWIM through the pools or in the rapids towards the next horizon line. Could it be a JUMP off a waterfall? Maybe an ABSEIL beside or in the waterfalls flow itself! We become one with the water flow and SLIDE down smooth water worn rock faces and using specialized rope techniques, we can ZIPLINE through the air then free fall into the deep green pools below.

Drag yourself out of the water then SCRAMBLE over and amongst the rocks and boulders to the next waterfall announced by the trickling running stream just before it cascades into the spray and mist below.

You just need to bring your swimsuit and we will provide you with all the necessary, customized canyoning equipment for your tour or course. Get ready for awesome!

Map & Directions

33 Cox Street, Geraldine 7930


Cancellation Policy

If a cancellation is made within 24 Hours of arrival day Loss of 100% of booking.